Responsive oxwebs

Welcome to responsive oxwebs. Throughout its time on the internet oxwebs has been redesigned many times, that's because the web technology moves fast and you always have to catch up with that and not fall behind. What it looked good four years ago, it may no longer be the case, more relevant example is the website responsiveness, yes it is a buzz word (all for good reasons), but definitely worth upgrading your site to. 

Oxwebs has now moved from drupal 6 to drupal 7 as well as being fully responsive. Here are some screenshots showing how it looks on different devices:


There are lots of companies out there that they find difficult to embrace the change, for many reasons, some maybe calculate the cost and come to conclusion that it is not affordable for that point in time (an example can be a really big website), although they see the reason, which is completely acceptable, others simply are stuck in the past or for a lack of knowledge or just because a wrong person gets to make the decision, fail to make the changes to their website that would improve their user experience.

In todays world we know there are many devices that are capable of browsing the internet, and we use them everyday, so having a website that is responsive is a must, otherwise you are just going to loose millions of people that uses smart phones, tablets etc.

About the Author

Shemsedin Callaki has many years of development experience on many technologies. Drupal is a CMS that he loves. He has also contributed work to Drupal community. His favourite PHP framework is YII.