How to access amazon RDS

## Problem

How to access amazon RDS Database


Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) are databases that you can set it up on AWS, when you create an instance in the creating steps you have the chance to assign a security group to this instance you need to assign to a security group which in turn have red/write access to RDS database that can bee seen once you log in and go to RDS in Amazon account. The assumtion here is that you have created a security group on AWS. To test the connection just add a php file to the server which you want to connect to RDS database and then test it.

If you are using MySql on AWS via an RDS instance you must add the IP address you want to connect from to the "DB Security Groups". To do this go to your AWS Managment Console and select RDS.

  • Select "DB Security Groups" on the left panel 
 - Select "default" 

  • Select "CIDR/IP" from the select box and enter your workstations public IP address. Example: someIP/32 (dont forget the /32 for a single ip) 
 - Click "Add" 
5. Wait a few minutes for it to go into effect and then connect your MySql client. This link may help,Connect to MySQL on AWS from local machine

This only applies for RDS instances, if you are using MySql installed on an EC2 instance then the instructions are the same as accessing MySql from any remote machine.